Attention Pastors!

Host a FREE 2-HOUR FAITH OVER FINANCES CONFERENCE AT YOUR church and watch the spiritual and financial health of your church body blossom!

  • Turning from an earthly perspective of money to a spiritual perspective
  • The importance of the tithing on your spiritual health
  • How to use your resources and gifts for the Kingdom of God
  • Financial principals for today’s Christian
  • God’s perspective on debt
  • God as your financial partner
  • What to do when you’re shaken or under attack
FAITH OVER FINANCES is a two-hour seminar to teach Christians about the spiritual aspect of finances and the importance of giving to the church ministry.  This event can be used for the health of your church body as well as an outreach to your community.  Topics include: 

Our goal is to help EVERY Christian claim victory over their financial struggles. 
We never charge for what we do, nor do we ask attendees to buy anything.
Please contact us so we can tell you how to bring this powerful message to your church.  

In the past six years, Asaad has been blessed to go on 28 missions trips with Ministries and share the gospel with thousands in India, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Peru, Thailand, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. He is also a regular speaker at seminars for churches and businesses across the country.

Asaad, his wife Lois, and their three wonderful children, Blake, Billy and Chloe, live in Waterford, Michigan.

About our speaker

Asaad Faraj has been in the financial industry for over 21 years and is on a mission to help Christians overcome their financial burdens.  He has ownership overrides on 35 Primerica Financial Services offices in California, Illinois, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Texas and Wisconsin. These offices service over 40,000 clients by over 400 licensed representatives. His drive and success in business is fueled by his passion to reach others for Christ. While serving as an elder at Oakland Christian Church, Asaad is also involved in many other ministries. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board for Aramaic Broadcast Network which shares the Gospel with the world's Arabic population through television.  He is also a board member for The Dream Project (a charity for orphaned children in Africa), Detroit Youth For Christ (an outreach ministry for urban kids in Detroit), & Principles of Hope (a ministry that shares the good that ministries are doing through television). 
  • Install a 403b7 program to save pre-tax for retirement
  • Perform a personal Financial Needs Analysis ($1,000 value)
  • Install a Payroll Deduction plan to save for an IRA, education, or other goals & dreams
When you call, ask about our FREE programs for church employees, including: